With summer on the horizon and temperatures rising, there are many new costs that creep up. While many may not be must-haves, a little extra spending money can go a long way to make beautiful summer memories. Whether it’s buying new summer outfits, or planning barbeques with family and friends, the freedom to spend freely can help ensure you have a stress free and fun time. For top tips on raising funds for summer spending, read on!

  • Sell your old clunker

That’s right! That old car that has been sitting in your garage is literally idle money. Trading in your old clunker has never been easier. A car removal service like All Cash For Cars offers instant money and can also tow your car away on the same day. You can easily gain extra spending money to splash on anything, even those new sunnies you have been eyeing up.

  • Record your expenses

For anyone wanting to make a change to their spending and saving habits, it is important to record how you are spending your money in the first place. This will allow you to make decisions on where you can possibly make sacrifices in the run up to summer.

  • Cancel unused direct debits

Very often we pay for services we do not even use. Direct debit makes this possible since we are not handing over cash and do not see the money leave our account. Cancelling unused debits will mean extra money left over at the end of the month.

  • Have a garage sale at the start of summer

Take the opportunity with those dry summer days to clear out unwanted items from your home. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. You’d be surprised to see just how often someone is looking for the exact thing you want to get rid of. Not only will you have extra funds to spend, but there will be less clutter in your home. Alternatively, you can sell your used goods online.

  • Pick up a gig based on your special skills

If you have some cooking skills up your sleeve then there could be people in your vicinity that are looking for home cooked fresh food. You can reach people easily through social media and local buy and sell groups. Alternatively, if you are a dog lover and frequently walk your dog, then you could offer a dog walking service and take a few more along with you. It will bring in extra money without taking much extra time.


With summer on the horizon, you may be thinking that some extra funds will be useful to make the most of the sunny days. One of the best and most effective ways of raising funds is to sell your old car. Instead of letting it rust or collect rot in your garage, sell it on and enjoy the extra money.

At All Cash For Cars, we offer instant cash and will give you your money even before we take your car away. Get in touch today, and let us help you enjoy your summer in the best way possible for you.