Choosing the right vehicle isn’t always the easiest decision. There are so many things to consider whether you are choosing to buy a new car or keep your old vehicle.

You can choose to stick with your old car or upgrade to a newer model. If you keep your old car you also need to decide whether you will be keeping it standard or are going to improve it with a few upgrades. If you buy, you have lots of options to consider such as car brand, make, year model, mileage and even colour. 

Figuring out what to do is never easy but there is one good way to narrow down your choices dramatically and that is by identifying what not to do. There are quite a few car types you do not want to own in modern 2020. Here is a quick look at the vehicle types that you just don’t want to own in this fresh new decade.

  1. Post-accident vehicles

When you get into a car accident, you always need to decide whether you want to sell your old car or get it fixed. Lots of people benefit a great deal from vehicle repairs but for most, it is just better to get rid of the old car. Modern auto repairs are quite expensive and in most cases, it is more affordable to simply upgrade than it is to get a damaged car fixed. Vehicles that are repaired also have a higher risk of showing unexpected breakdowns when mechanics were unable to detect the full extent of the damage after the initial accident. A post-accident vehicle is something you just don’t want to own this year.

  1. Old, discontinued brands

We all love a good classic car but the upkeep of discounted brands is incredibly hard. It becomes challenging to find spare and maintenance parts for these rare vehicles and parts often need to be imported from other countries to keep the car in running condition. Eventually, mechanics will try to replace your auto parts with other brands and over time your car won’t be a specific brand at all. In 2020 it is just better to let go of these vehicles.

  1. Rare brands and unique vehicles

Much like discontinued brands, rare car brands and unique vehicle concepts are cars you just don’t want to own in the future. These vehicles will become more and more challenging to fix and could result in long downtime durations while mechanics try to figure out a way to fix up your unique vehicle.

  1. Oversized vehicles

In large families, oversized vehicles are always a good choice but if you have a rather small family then it is best to stick with something that is just the right size. Larger vehicles are often more expensive than smaller family vehicles and they are much more expensive to upkeep. The most efficient thing you can do for your family this year is to get a car that suits your family size just right whether you are a single individual or a family of six.

  1. Broken down cars

Lots of people keep old and broken down cars because they want to restore these vehicles into collector’s pieces or make money by fixing and reselling these vehicles. The reality is that there are very few vehicle collectors out there who might be willing to buy your car. You are not likely to get a buyer that might be willing to pay a fair amount for the old car and you certainly are not likely to find a buyer who will be willing to cover all of your repair expenses.

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