Steps To Take Before We Turn Up!

When it comes to handling your cash for car removal service, All Cash For Cars is for you. We will provide you with the complete service for the pick-up, removal and payment for all your vehicles. Before we come pick up your vehicle, though, you’ll have to prepare a few things. So to make this process easier, we have listed down the key things to get done before we come, collect your car and pay you for it!

Clean Out Your Vehicle.

It might seem simple enough, but you’ll be surprised how often people don’t clean out their vehicles completely. They leave valuable items in the vehicle because they haven’t checked it properly. So take your time and sweep through your vehicle thoroughly to remove all your items.

Remove Your Registration Sticker (if it still there).

They might be outdated but many people still carry have them on their vehicle. Make sure that you remove your registration off your vehicle, especially if you want to get money back from your registration down the line.

Off Comes The Licence Plates.

This is going to be key when it comes to getting money back for your registration. VicRoads will not accept anything less when it comes to getting money back. This is also important to make sure that your licence isn’t used for other vehicles and you get blamed for it. Take off your licence plates and return it to VicRoads. You can also keep the plates for your next vehicle (which is very common with custom plate owners).

Prepare All The Paperwork.

You cannot make a trade for cash if you do not have proof that you have ownership of the vehicle. Get out information regarding proof that you own the vehicle, including registration, licence and previous mechanical history. This will make the transaction process easier.

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