What to do with rego, RWC and licence plates before the Cash For Cars Service.

All Cash For Cars is your team that knows how to handle all types of cars and cash situations. We are also very helpful for clients who don’t know what to do or what they want. One of the most regular questions we get asked is: “What do I do with my plates, my rego and my RWC?”. Well, we got the answers for you, so you know what to do when it comes to handling these little things before we come to collect your car.

Your RWC (Road Worthy Certificate).

There is no need to worry about this certificate! When it comes to the cash for cars and car scrap metal industry, these certificates are useless. We don’t need them, so there is nothing to worry about here. Just throw it out.

Your Licence Plates.

Regardless of what happens, you should always take off your licence plates from your car or vehicle. This is important because licence plates are considered the responsibility of the owner, which in this case, means you. You will have to remove them and explain to VicRoads what your plan is. This way, there can be no incidents with government or the police. Your options can include:

  • Returning the plates and registration and getting back a refund
  • Keeping them for another car that is replacing the one you are selling for cash
  • Keeping the plates for your next car or vehicle (a common use for custom-made plates)

Your Registration.

If your car or vehicle is under registration then could be of importance for you. If you pay your rego bill at VicRoads for another year, then the following could be options for you:

  • Take off your licence plates and keep them for your next car or vehicle.
  • Return the registration and the licence plates back to VicRoads and get yourself a refund. You will get back money from the remaining months of the registration.

If have not paid your registration for another year, then there is nothing to worry about here. We can take the car off your hands.

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