If you crashed or dented your car then you are very likely feeling a bit blue at the moment. No one likes to see their expensive belongings all dented and broken. And no one likes to lose a lot of money on a car they recently bought. 

Luckily, there is a bright side to every sad story and your bright side is that you now have an opportunity to buy a new car. Shopping for something new is always exciting but before you can do this, you first need to deal with your old wreck of a car.

The best way to get rid of a car wreck and to get good money for your post-accident car is by selling it to a car wrecker. The following tips are excellent for finding a good car wrecker that will help you sell and remove your old car in no time at all.

Deal With a Registered Company

It is always better to find a registered car wrecker to deal with than it is to sell your old car in person. Personal buyers like friends, family, or locals always have issues with paying up, especially if the car they buy is flawed. They will argue with you for a ridiculously low price or they want the old car for free. 

With these types of buyers, you also struggle to get your paperwork dealt with. A registered company is the only way to get your car sold without any of these issues.

Find a Company That Offer Free Car Removal Services In Melbourne

When you sell an old car to friends and family, they often have a way of lingering on the car removal. Before you know it, your car will be sitting in your driveway for months. Car wreckers like All Cars for Cash are ideal because they won’t just remove your old car from your property the moment they pay you, they will also offer free removal services so you won’t have to spend extra on getting your car sold. These experts arrive complete with a trailer and all the help they need to load and haul the car away no matter how damaged it might be.

Deal With a Company That Pays a Fair Price

Even the worst wrecked cars still have value. Old cars are full of parts that can be repurposed and precious metals that can be melted down to produce new vehicles or other metal goods. While considering your options, you should settle for a car wrecker that is willing to pay you a fair deal for your old car. It is also important to only deal with companies that will pay you the full amount the moment they arrive for collection. Avoid people that want to bargain for a down payment at all costs because you will likely only get the first bit of your money.

Find a Company That Can Handle the Paperwork for You

Every time you sell or buy a car, there will be some paperwork that needs to be taken care of. 

Even complete car wrecks need to be registered as wrecked so there won’t be any additional licensing fees billed to your name. A good car wrecker company will handle the paperwork for you. 

Choose a Local Company

It is always better to deal with a local car wrecker in Melbourne. A local company will get your old car picked up within the same day so you can clear that space for your new car. A local company also won’t charge you additional rates to survey the vehicle or to get it removed.

With these great tips in mind, we are quite sure that you will be able to find a great car wrecker to help you sell your old car no matter how damaged it might be.