Wondering if it is best to sell your car yourself or if you should rather use All Cars for Cash to sell off your old car?  Both of these options have some pretty fantastic benefits but we are 100% sure that it is much better for you to sell your car to our auto dealers because we offer the most benefits of all.  Here are a few of the many great benefits of selling your old car to All Cars for Cash.

Free Car Pick Up Anywhere In Melbourne

We will come to your location and pick your car up for free.  Our free pickup policy applies whether your car is still in running condition, broken down, a complete wreck and even if it has been standing for many years.  There is no need for you to pay to get your car removed or to get your car up and running again before you sell it.

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We will give you an instant cash offer the moment we have all the details on your old car.  There is no need to wait long periods before you will receive an offer as with other auto dealers.

We Take All Types of Vehicles

There is no need to look for a suitable buyer because we will take your car no matter what type of vehicle it may be.  We take cars, UTE’s, trucks, vans, motorcycles, minivans, minibusses, busses, SUV’s, 4×4’s and any type of car you may have.

We Take Your Vehicle in Any Condition

One of the best benefits of using All Cars for Cash is that we accept vehicles in any condition.  It doesn’t matter if your car is old, broken down, a complete wreck, scrapped, an accident car, unlicensed or unregistered.  We will accept it no matter what it looks like and whether it is in running condition or completely broken down.

We Take Any Make and Model

Do you have a vintage old car that is broken down, rusted and worn out?  Or do you want to get rid of your brand new 2018 car that had been in an accident?  We will take it all no matter how old your car may be.

We Pay Cash On the Spot

If you hate waiting for your money then you definitely need to use All Cars for Cash.  We will pay you the full amount for your car the moment we collect it.

Get Your Quote Online

You can phone us for a quote or fill out our online quote form to get a precise quote for your old car.

Arrange Pickups At Times Convenient To You

We will come to your location in Melbourne and we will pick up your car at any time convenient to you, whether it is during or after working hours or even late at night.

Sell Your Car from Any Location in Melbourne

All Cars for Cash services the entire Melbourne region and we are willing to come to any location in Melbourne to collect your car.

No Waiting Sales Period

There is no need to wait for a buyer to get rid of your car.  Give us a call and we can be there in a few short hours to get your old car out of your way and to give you your money.

Scrap Car Pickups at the Scene of an Accident

Were you just in an accident?  There is no need for you to pay expensive tow for services.  Sell your car to us and we will come to the scene of the crash to collect your car.

If you consider all of these great benefits it becomes clear that All Cars for Cash is by far the best way to get rid of your old car and to get quick cash in your pocket.