Chemists aren’t merely geeks in a research. Most are really sexy geeks in a lab — to make fantastic times!

Listed below are 15 reasons why you should date a chemist:

1. The puns. You’ll have great “chemistry.” Chemists have got all the “solutions” and fantastic “figures.”

2. Chemists have minds. This organ can not be overrated.

3. Your day can probably make it easier to figure out exactly why your meal dish keeps dropping flat. (The kitchen is actually the laboratory of the property.)

4. Chemists worry about the important points.

5. Chemists love discovering — and sharing that interest for knowledge. You should have your very own trip tips guide at science middle.

6. Chemists don’t give up easily. They are ready to commit to a lot of experimentation and attempt multiple methods in order to satisfactorily resolve difficulty.

7. Lab coats are very spiffy.

8. Chemists tend to be diligent. Some their efforts are time-consuming and repetitive.

9. Chemists are superb with young ones as well as parties, because of the marvels of dried out ice and simple at-home presentations.

10. Chemists tend to be perpetually interested in just how things function. You are going to start to look at average things from a brand new point of view.

11. Chemists focus well and just have impressive interest covers. From the research, you will be provided their complete attention, too.

12. Your own go out can be someone who really wants to hold discovering and improving. Aspiring to measurable advancement is inspiring.

13. Chemists do not let bacteria restrict their particular results. No reason to concern yourself with bad health right here.

14. Chemists tend to be useful thinkers. In case you are asked out-by a chemist, she or he probably really wants to date you — and has currently put many idea into it.

15. Chemists like construction and stability. This consists of healthy, committed interactions.

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