An unwanted car sitting in your parking lot or driveway can be quite annoying. These old vehicles can also end up costing you a lot of money because there is still a license that needs to be paid and old vehicles need to be driven frequently to keep the tires from getting flat spots and to keep the vehicle in good condition.

The best thing to do with an unwanted car is to make some money from it. Here are a few good tips for getting your unwanted car removed while getting the best possible sale price for your old car.

01. Determine the Value of Your Old Car

It is always good to know how much an unwanted car is worth before you decide on a good sales price for your car. While you are researching the value of your old car it is important to first determine the current condition of your old car. A running car is much more valuable than one that is no longer in running condition. Vehicles with lots of visible body damage are also not as valuable as those that are kept in good condition. 

One of the easiest ways to determine your car’s value is by giving a car removal company like All Cars for Cash a call for an instant quote on your old car. You can now compare this price to the general going rate for other vehicles of the same year and make.

02. Be Aware Of the Laws

There are lots of laws that you need to adhere to when selling an old unwanted car. These laws are usually set in place to protect you from fraud or from being treated unfairly. It is, for example, illegal to tamper with your car’s mileage meter. It is also illegal to sell a car that is not registered in your name. If your car’s license is not paid in full, it can also be illegal to drive your old unwanted car on the public road. 

Once you know all of these laws, you will be able to make a safe and legal sell when it is time to get rid of an old unwanted car.

03. Be Aware Of Your Sales Options

There are many different ways to get rid of an unwanted car. It is important to find out more about these different methods so you can find one that is easiest and safest for you.

Most people will try to sell an old unwanted car in person to the public by advertising it on social media. While you could get more money using this method, the process is usually tiresome because it can take months to find a buyer and buyers will always try to negotiate a cheaper price or might not have the money to pay you in full for your old car.

Others will try to sell to junkyards. The prices of junkyards usually vary a lot and when you are selling to junkyards, you are not paid based on the current value of your car but based on the value of the metal that your car is made off which can be significantly lower than the value of your car.

Some people try to strip their cars for spare parts to sell which can be a good solution if you have a lot of buyers. But in the end, there will always be lots of parts that end up unsold.

Get Money For Your Unwanted Car

Another good option is to sell to a car removal company like All Cars for Cash who can pay you a fair price for your old car the moment they come to collect.

Once you have determined the value of your old car, found out about the best legal ways to sell an old car, and found a reputable place to sell to, you will be all set to earn some good money for a car that you no longer need.