There are many benefits to electric and hybrid vehicles, not least in the current climate of environmental consciousness and fossil fuel scarcity. If you’re looking to change your old car or sell it on to buy a new one, then read on for benefits of considering an electric vehicle.

01. Cheaper to run

The electricity needed to charge your car is less than the cost of petrol for the same travel distance. Due to this, even hybrid vehicles are going to be cheaper to run. In some areas it is also cheaper to register electric vehicles.

02. Cheaper maintenance

An electric car has less parts that move and therefore has less parts that may break down. This is likely to result in less maintenance. 

03. Better for the environment

Driving a hybrid or electric vehicle means less pollution for the environment. By selling your old car and buying an electric vehicle, you are making an active decision to reduce your carbon emissions. Charging an electric car will have some impact on the environment, but the car itself is emission free and better for the environment overall. 

If you have access to solar energy or other renewable energy sources then this can further improve your carbon footprint. 

04. Better energy security

Fossil fuels are scarce and often hit major price disruptions as a result of global events. Small changes to price, or doubt over sourcing or transportation of petrol can cause major panic. Buying an electric or hybrid vehicle gives you a degree of security and independence from this.

05. Better for health

Electric vehicles mean better air quality and this in turn improves health in the propulation. The more people that switch to electric or hybrid vehicles, the better the impact on the environment and air quality. This will mean better health for the community overall and benefits everyone, young and old.


One of the ways to support a more sustainable future, undoubtedly, is to trade in your old car and buy a hybrid or fully electric vehicle. The benefits are enormous. Electric vehicles are cheaper to run, service and register and they are also better for our health and the environment.

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