There are many reasons to sell your old car. You may want to upgrade to a bigger car, or you may want to jump on the electric vehicle bandwagon. Whatever the reason, there are smart ways to get the most funds possible for your old car. Read on for some tips on selling your car easily and quickly.

01. Get it cleaned

This may be simple, however, getting your car cleaned will raise its appeal and value to potential buyers. Remove any personalisations, such as bumper stickers and get it cleaned from inside and out.

02. Word of mouth

Word of mouth is usually an excellent way of selling your old car quickly and avoiding any extra selling fees. However, this tip is more applicable after the covid situation since social distancing may still be necessary.

03. Take photos that appeal

When it comes to selling your car, used car pages and ads are an excellent way of reaching the right buyer. However, a good photo will go a long way to getting hits and responses. Taking your car to the park or a scenic spot to take a few good quality photographs will likely pay off and result in a faster sale.

04. The right description

Its important to include just the right amount of information when selling your car. You don’t need to list every minor scratch or blemish – it is a used car, after all. However, buyers like honesty and therefore listing a few pros and cons will be just the right amount of information to entice a buyer into calling up for a viewing.

05. Sell it to a used car dealership

You could do all of the above, however, your car may still take effort to sell. Taking your car to a used car dealership may be the route that requires the least time and money investment on your part, whilst also guaranteeing an instant sale.


There are many reasons to sell your old car. You may simply have your four wheeled friend parked up in your garage without purpose or you may need the funds to purchase a new, smarter and more practical vehicle.

Whatever the reason, for those busy and with limited time, a quick sale is ideal. In addition, it is also important to reduce contact with the public during this fragile time. For this reason, All Cars for Cash is an excellent option to consider for quick and pain-free sale. Get in touch today to discuss your options with us.