Upgrading to a newer vehicle can be pricey and scary. A lot of people will keep repairing their old vehicles so they can keep driving these junky cars for as long as possible. While this can be a good solution to get you out of a tight spot, it is hardly a long-term resolution. All old vehicles reach a point where it isn’t worth the money and effort to repair them. 

Continuing with these constant repair jobs can leave you with quite a disaster on your hands because at some point, the damages will be extensive and your mechanic will hand you a bill that will take your breath away.

It is important to sell your car before it reaches the point when repairs start getting too expensive. Here is a quick look at a few signs that it is time to sell rather than keep repairing.

The Resale Value Is Getting Pretty Low

All cars decrease in value over time. Some brands and makes that are no longer popular can drop in value virtually overnight. 

This isn’t a huge issue if your car is paid off. But a lot of people fall into a trap where they get repairs done to a car only to find that the resale value of the car is far lower than the total repair costs. Not only did you spend a lot of effort on getting your car fixed, but you will now sell and still have a debt to pay off.

You Hear Strange Noises

Strange engine noises are one of the top signs that tell you it is time to sell. Some noises like squealing when you hit the brakes are still affordable fixes because you might only need some new brake pads. But strange engine noises can mean a lot of trouble is lurking just around the corner.

Your Car Is Getting Close To the 200,000-Kilometer Mark

The trouble usually starts when your car’s odometer goes over 200,000 kilometres. By this time, your vehicle experienced a lot of wear and tear. Engine troubles are not far behind and the value of your car has already been reduced significantly. If you keep doing quick fixes and keep driving your old car then you can risk ending up with a broken-down car that you can’t sell for a fraction of the purchase cost.

You Are Spending a Fortune on Gas

Gas prices will only keep climbing and climbing. Older vehicles are not the most fuel-efficient, but if your car becomes abnormally thirsty then there is likely something very wrong. You are probably looking at an expensive service and repair job soon and these repairs won’t make much of a difference in your fuel usage because older cars will cost a lot to drive. 

You See a Lot of Rust

Rust on the bodywork or undercarriage of your car is never a good sign. It is possible to mitigate and remove rust but once rusts start to spread it isn’t very easy to contain. It will keep resurfacing and eating away at your bodywork and paint job. 

Pretty soon, you will need some extensive repairs and a new paint coat which can be very pricey.

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