SUVs are some of the best family vehicles you can buy whether you are just starting on a new family or already have a few kids.  These vehicles are more flexible compared to other family cars for various reasons. 

They are higher from the ground and can be driven on various terrains including rough or off-road terrains. SUVs offer more room for everyone to sit comfortably and the ability to fold down the back seats enables you to occasionally load large objects.

Upgrading to these vehicles is a smart decision that everyone in your family will love.  Here is a quick look at the best SUV’s to upgrade to this year.

The Audi Q5

Instead of asking what to love from this car, you should be asking what’s not to love.  This car is pricey but it offers various outstanding features such as quiet driving, a stylish overall look, al large 2.0-liter turbo engine, great fuel efficiency, and many other smart features.  If you can afford this car it will be a worthy investment.

The BMW X3

This BMW still has its signature grill but it does look quite different from your average beamer. 

Many feel that the X3 is slightly unrefined but it still offers fantastic features such as advanced tech, terrific safety features, good fuel efficiency, and a great overall look.

The Jaguar F-Pace

This SUV is well above the price range of most average families.  But for those that can afford it, The F-Pace will offer superb handling, lots of cabin space, and all the safety features you need to keep your family safe on the road.

The Land Rover Discovery Sport

Families who love to enjoy frequent adventures can consider this sporty vehicle.  The Discovery Sport is truly a sight to behold. 

It also has 4×4 capabilities which make it ideal for traveling to far off destinations.  Its practical interior is ideal for families who love lots of space and the engine is powerful enough to handle all sorts of obstacles that might come your way.

The Skoda Kodiaq

This SUV is more suitable for average families because it is more budget-friendly.  The Kodiaq also offers balanced handling, lots of space and some models even offer a third row of seats to accommodate an extra-large family. 

It might not be the most beautiful SUV on the market but it certainly is one of the most practical vehicles.

The Mercedes-Benz GLC

Many Mercedes lovers are in love with this car but some feel that it looks more like a family car than an SUV.  Its unique look and design make it perfect for families who love a road vehicle but need extra features such as a higher suspension and more space.  The GLC is very comfortable to drive and worth considering if you love a stylish car.

The Seat Tarraco

This vehicle is Seat’s first attempt at a full-sized SUV and we can say that they were quite successful in creating a very beautiful SUV.  This car shares most of the same features as the Skoda Kodiaq but it is much prettier.  If you are looking for a practical car that looks great then this is the right one to buy.

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