Selling an old car privately can be a tough task to accomplish. But these efforts can pay off handsomely, especially when you consider how poorly car dealerships pay for old worn-down cars. There are lots of tricks you can try to get your old car sold quicker and there are lots of strategies to help boost your car’s resale value. 

It is time to avoid stingy car dealers. Use the right selling strategies and do the following things, you can end up with a lot more spending money in your pocket.

Depersonalise Your Vehicle

Personal touches like bumper stickers, commercial branding, and strange car seat covers can affect the interest in your old car. This is because new buyers will have a tough time getting rid of these personalised features. It also isn’t very appealing to drive around in a car that doesn’t feel like it belongs to you even though you paid for it. 

If you want buyers to be able to picture themselves in your car then you should try your best to create a neutral look.

Give Your Car a Proper Clean

This is the number one trick in every car dealer’s book. Dirty cars don’t attract attention. But when a car is all bright, shiny, and polished, it is a lot more noticeable. Buyers also associate dirty vehicles with neglect. They will assume that the services are not up to date and that the vehicle might be kept in running condition with counterfeit parts. When the car is clean and neat, buyers will assume that you did all the needed maintenance to keep it in such great condition.

Mind Your Background in Photos

Junk, messy driveways, or unsightly backgrounds can make your digital adverts look unappealing. When you take photos of your car, you should give it a good wash and park it in a scenic area. Be very careful not to take photos where your kids, pets, or rubbish might be visible in the background. Your adverts will attract a lot more attention if it looks like you are from a stylish region. 

Take A Lot Of Good Quality Photos

If you don’t take good photos, or share a lot of photos, buyers automatically assume you have something to hide. It is good to take a lot of high-quality photos so the buyer can see exactly what they are dealing with. Don’t take photos in poor lighting, avoid bad angles and avoid blurry images. 

Don’t Over-Share

Focusing too much on your car’s damages can scare your buyers away. It is however important to inform buyers that there might be dents, scratches, or damages to the car. They are going to come and inspect the vehicle before they buy it anyway which means there are no hiding flaws. Hiding your car’s damages will only waste a lot of time. But you shouldn’t over emphasise these issues or you won’t get any attention.

Be Realistic About The Condition Of Your Car

You need to be honest to yourself about the condition of your car or you will never get your car sold. A good way to find out what your car is worth is by checking local listings of other vehicles of the same brand and make as yours. This will give you a pretty good idea of the going rate for your vehicle. It is unrealistic to try to sell a broken down car at the same price others ask for a car that is in running condition. The more dents, damages, or flaws your car has, the less it is worth.

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