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A business can’t keep its door open for long if it fails to pay suppliers. Accounts payable turnover is a measure of the rate at which your business pays for goods and services, revealing the amount of cash spent on suppliers in a given period. First, find your business’ gross profit margin by dividing your gross profit amount by your sales. Take that, multiply it by 100, and you will have your gross profit margin as a percentage. Next, to find out how much of your GPM makes up your overall sales, divide that value by your sales amount. Cash flow forecasts let businesses assess whether their sales and margins are appropriate, and are consequently one of the most important KPIs for small businesses to track. How you collect and analyze these figures will determine whether your metrics are accurate and actionable.

small business kpis

If your revenue growth rate is positive, that means that your business has been growing, but if it’s negative, that could spell trouble. Profit is a measure of the financial gain your business has small business kpis made. Revenue is your profit without taking into account any losses. Gross profit is a measure of your business’s financial gain minus the costs of making your products or providing your services.

Process Performance Metrics

Misusing KPIs can happen by over-emphasizing the KPI number itself, and under-emphasizing the real-world operational contributors that generate the numbers. This syndrome can lead to unclear business strategies for improving the parts of operations that underlie the numbers. Recurring Revenue Metrics — income and expense areas, such as recurring service contract fees, subscription fees, product maintenance fees, Revenue Growth Rate, Cash Conversion Cycle.

  • This also helps if you are trying to benchmark your business.
  • The lower your debt ratio, the lower your risk of being unable to meet your obligations.
  • They are likely not the only KPIs you’ll want to track (more on extra KPIs you’ll want to consider below) but are a good place to start.
  • Lastly, start tracking them by having up-to-date books and reporting on non-financial KPIs.
  • If you have a lower than average number of leads, experiment with new marketing platforms and campaigns.
  • Instead, your business will likely experience ebbs and flows in customer activity, as well as times when major business expenditures are temporarily reflected in a lower rate.

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Accounts Payable Turnover

The good news is that they are not hard to understand, and once you begin using them to analyze your business you’ll find yourself feeling much more in control. KPIs are an excellent way to track your business’ financial health. Knowing how well your company is doing relative to firms offering similar products, is crucial for sustainable growth.

In order to achieve that success, a business needs to understand the numbers behind the scene and KPIs make that possible. It’s where the greatest business minds like Warren Buffet start when analyzing businesses – financial statements.

Customer Acquisition Cost

Payroll is typically one of the highest ongoing costs within a business. Businesses must ensure that they do not retain stock for too long. Holding on to stock for an increased time can mean that funds are tied up in the business that could be better utilised elsewhere. Additionally, holding on to inventory lines longer than necessary creates the risk that demand for them could fall and result in them having to be sold for a lower price. Target receivables days should be similar to invoice terms (i.e. 30 days) and an increase suggests that companies are struggling to collect cash promptly. Monitoring these will allow employees and internal stakeholders to generate feedback on their efforts.

In the early stages of your business, you might not worry about how much it costs to get a sale. But as your business grows, this is an important metric to keep track of. Your profit margin, also known as your net profit margin, is used to measure how profitable your business is. Similar to the net profit metric, it will show you how well your revenue is being used. It’s a measure of how much profit your business makes from the revenue it earns.

What is KPI template?

Your KPI template should identify and describe the data collection method you are going to use for each KPI. Data collection methods can include surveys, questionnaires, interviews, sensor data collection, focus groups, automated machine data collection as well as collection of archival data.

And because there are hundreds of different KPIs you can track, it can be a little confusing. This fact is exactly why Warren Buffet will be known as one of the most successful business owners and investors in the world. The Young Entrepreneur Council is an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs. In partnership with Citi, YEC recently launched StartupCollective, a free virtual mentorship program that helps millions of entrepreneurs start and grow businesses. Grant Olsen is a writer specializing in small business loans, leadership skills, and growth strategies. He is a contributing writer for KSL 5 TV, where his articles have generated more than 6 million page views, and has been featured on and Grant is also the author of the book “Rhino Trouble.” He has a B.A.

Lob Expenses Vs Budget

The funnel drop-off rate measures how many visitors exit your sales funnel before making a purchase. This is perhaps the most important metric to keep track of because without making a profit or at least breaking even , you’ll quickly go out of business. Being able to quantify your business’s performance is essential in our information age. Sure, being able to qualify it with nice words and descriptors is great, but sometimes you just need cold, hard data. Whether you’re going to review your KPIs monthly or quarterly, set a time in advance and stick to it. While there will always be more urgent needs, carving out time to review the health of your business and make proactive changes is critically important. Once you’ve picked the right KPIs to track for your business, you’ll want to set up your KPI tracking the right way.

Correspondingly, this movement will affect cash on hand, which is how much money businesses have on deposit at any one time. These two KPIs can be used in parallel to give insight into how soon businesses are likely to run out of money in the near future.

Key Financial Metrics & Kpis For Small Businesses

It’s calculated by dividing your gross margin (sales of $10,000 minus the COGS of $4,000) by the total sales. Revenue growth is a financial KPI that refers to the rate at which a company’s income, or sales growth, is increasing. To find revenue growth rate, begin with your business’s total revenue for the current year. Next, divide current income by total revenue from the previous year to find the rate of growth.

And liquidity, which aims to make sure you don’t run out of cash. Your business can have limitless prospects, but those won’t do much for you unless you convert them into customers. This metric can be critical because it allows you to measure the effectiveness of various sales, promotions, and marketing efforts. Before you can track the progress of something, you need to know where it’s headed. This means you should start the KPI process by identifying your key business goals. These goals need to be measurable and attainable in order for the KPIs to be relevant.

They will be different for each business, but the basic idea is the same. That is, to measure the important features of your business. Comparing it to the current economic growth rates, meanwhile, can help you see if your business is growing as others are. Tracking this KPI is imperative for business growth and sustainability. You will know how your business stacks up against your industry. If so, that might mean you’re doing well – or it might mean that you have room for improvement. Finally, it’s important to set up a logical system to track your KPIs over time.

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But as of today, that same small business pulled in over $10 million total in revenue over the last 3 years. We, too, made some mistakes in managing our first small business, a marketing agency, and their KPIs.

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After few weeks, you discover that leads from those ads generated $20,000 in revenue, resulting in a profit of $15,000. To calculate your ROI, you’ll divide the profit earned by the total cost of investment. If you want your business to continue operating, make sure that you have paid all of your suppliers.


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  • On its own, your blood pressure reading only says a little about your overall health.
  • When accounts receivable consistently runs behind, it hurts cash flow and working capital.
  • To calculate that, you must first work out what the lead conversion rate is in your sales funnel.
  • By calculating the break-even point, a software provider knows how many licenses it needs to sell, or a manufacturer understands how many products it must move to cover monthly costs.
  • Financial metrics and KPIs help small businesses understand if they have the cash on hand to fund big capital investments—or are on the fast track to insolvency.

The KPIs mentioned above are accepted as vanity metrics where they just show the number but do not allow you to fully understand your performance. But there are a few complex metrics that are also common KPIs for small businesses. Measuring too many metrics may produce extra effort that is ultimately ineffective. Getting an average score of 9.5 may mean you’re doing everything correctly, but you can’t please everyone. The company will likely need a series of projects or steps to get 10s. Set a target of 7 for next month, 8 for the following month, and 9 for the month after that.

If you’d rather leave it up to math, rank each lead by taking the value of their potential sale and dividing it by the total number of leads. The customer lifetime value, or CLV, is how much profit a customer will make you over time. To calculate CLV, multiply the average purchase value by the number of times the average customer will make a purchase. For example, if a typical customer nets a beauty salon $40 per visit, comes once a month, and keeps coming for a year, the CLV is about $500.

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small business kpis

Watching and monitoring trends over time will help you focus your efforts. Consequently, you’ll be able to concentrate on creating the right posts and content that drive business growth. Some service-based businesses may have clients on retainer, giving them monthly recurring revenue. If you have two recurring client contracts, each for $1,000 per month, your monthly recurring revenue is $2,000 per month. Tracking your conversion rate over time will help you to see whether changes you make in your sales and marketing are improving your conversion rate.

You’ll need to do some research into past data from your financial, customer service, or operations systems. You can delegate this to someone with the technical knowledge to pull the numbers from these systems.