Do you have an old or retro car? Think that your car is enough to get you through life? Well, wait until you have to take on a long journey. Old cars are great for showing off if you love that vintage or retro look but these vehicles shouldn’t be a primary mode of transportation. These vehicles are prone to let you down when you are traveling long distances and are usually packed with lots of problems such as the following.

Old Cars Are Cold In Winter

Now that it is winter you really don’t want to take that old car out on a road trip. Old cars are very cold because they are not designed to be insulated. There are so many places, holes and bent areas where the cold air gets in and the foot areas are especially freezing when you are traveling at high speeds. 

The worst part is that the heater likely doesn’t work so there is no way for you to heat up your car just a little bit. If you drive an old car then be sure to wear those boots in order to avoid getting frostbitten toes.

Old Cars Are Hot During Summer

These older vehicles make for a very hot and sweaty drive during summer time. Most older models didn’t come out with air conditioning and if your car does have to air-condition then the device is likely broken or no longer efficient. Traveling for long distances in a hot car can be quite exhausting and will make you feel worn out and sweaty when you arrive at your destination.

The Drive Is Rough

Older vehicles don’t have the modern designed suspension that results in a smooth and soft ride. The older your car is the more likely you are of becoming quite sore after a long journey. You will feel every bump, dent and turn on the road.

Fuel Is Expensive

Older vehicles are not as fuel efficient as modern models. This high fuel consumption can cost you quite a lot if you are traveling long distances. 

You Feel Self-Conscious

It doesn’t feel particularly good to drive around in an old, ugly and rusted car. You always feel self-conscious whenever you are attending parties, visiting family or even when you have to park alongside other colleagues.

Breakdowns Are All Too Common

Everyone that drives an old car knows what it feels like to end up stranded beside the road. Yes, everyone! Older vehicles are already worn out and are much more likely to break down when you are taking on long distances.

Prone To Overheating

Overheating engines are a big problem in older vehicles that are not fitted with modern cooling systems or electronics to help control the engine temperature. Your older vehicle is very likely to overheat when you are traveling on the open road. 

Uncomfortable Seating

Does your old car have soft seating, an adjustable driver seat and shock absorption constructed into the seats? Not likely. These vehicles were still in the design phase and most of them don’t have the most comfortable seats.

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