Getting into a road accident, even when there are no physical injuries, can be quite devastating. No one likes to see their vehicles all crumbled up and dented. Repairs always take a long time, insurance claims won’t always work out for the best and it’s all an extra responsibility. 

When your car got damaged in an accident you do have quite a few options to consider. You can repair it and keep driving it, sell it as is or you can repair it and then sell it. All of these options do pose quite a few ups and downs but for many vehicle owners, it is much better to sell rather than beat around the bush with repairs. 

Here are the top reasons it might be best to sell your car after an accident.

Vehicles Suffer Depreciated Values after Accidents

One of the biggest reasons so many vehicle owners sell after accidents is that the car decreases in value after accidents. Even as you go about doing extensive repairs, the car might never fetch a fair price on the market again because new buyers always consider that other components of the car might have also become damaged and worn down even though the damaged parts are fixed.

Emotional Disgust Plays a Big Role

Car accidents can be quite traumatising, even if no one gets hurt too bad. Drivers always have a fear to step in behind the wheel after an accident. There is also the feeling of being let down by a vehicle with which you entrusted your life on the road. If the car has noticeable damage they might feel disgusted with the vehicle instead of proud to drive it. Emotional disgust is one of the biggest reasons for car owners to sell after an accident. 

The Damage Might Be Too Severe

Auto insurance companies often prefer to scrap the car and make a full payout so you can get a new car instead of doing repairs. This is because auto repairs can be so expensive and the insurance company needs to provide you with a replacement vehicle while your vehicle is in for repairs. If the price of getting the car repaired becomes too high then it might be best to just sell your wreck instead of trying to spend a fortune on futile repairs.

A Repaired Vehicle Will Never Be a New Vehicle

There are some pretty amazing mechanics out there but in some cases, even the best of mechanics cannot restore your car to its former glory. A good example is a vehicles paint job. If mechanics repaint a single damaged door, the door can be a different colour to the rest of your vehicle because it can be so challenging to mix a perfect colour and sun damage gradually reduces the shine and look of the rest of your vehicle. A replacement engine might also not be quite as compatible with your vehicle and can result in numerous auto problems down the road. 

You No Longer Feel Safe in That Car

If the vehicle accident was a result of mechanical failure then you likely won’t feel safe driving your vehicle again even after repairs and modifications have been made to get the car back up to standard. A fear of driving can make you stress too much on roads and might not be worth the emotional toll.

Did you decide to sell your car after the accident? At All Cars for Cash, we will be happy to take your damaged car off your hands. You don’t need to get it repaired to sell it and we will still offer you a fair price for the damaged vehicle.