Scrapping your car may seem like a necessity if you have incurred damage to your vehicle or own an old car that won’t run. If the dealer doesn’t want it, for whatever reason, you might think that the value you will get for your vehicle is low, but that’s not necessarily the case.

Even the most beat up of cars and other vehicles can actually still offer a generous return for their owners, depending on what parts are still intact. Not many know this, but the following car parts are considered very high-value items that many scrappers and secondhand car part buyers would gladly pay top dollar for.

Some are valuable because of their rarity, others because they are expensive items to begin with. But either way, they are items that should be maintained and marketed when scrapping or selling a used trucks/cars, as they can boost the reimbursement that you receive.


1. Doors – Car doors are easily damaged in accidents, so car owners who have experienced such are often desperate for new ones. That being said, hoods can be difficult to match, even at specialty shops, and they can be very pricey.

If you have a rare hood, there are probably lots of people out there seeking one like yours (due to low availability). Even if it’s another colour than they’re searching for, they will probably be happy to paint it up and make it suit they’re damaged vehicle. And the resale opportunities for commonly sought makes and models goes without saying.

2. Hoods – Like doors, hoods are another commonly damaged car part. If yours is up to scratch, selling it can be very rewarding for both you and the seller. Even a few dents in your hood doesn’t automatically mean it’s not fit to sell. Given how much hoods usually sell for, you are likely to still make a pretty penny even if your hood isn’t in perfect condition.

3. Transmissions – So your car is in pretty bad shape but the transmission is still usable. Sell that baby ASAP! Transmissions often go in old or damaged cars but, yet again, are really expensive to replace. They can also be ideal for the buyer who likes to put together cars from scratch and requires a relatively low-cost option.

4. Windshield Wipers – They may not be the highest value item on this list, but for what they are, a fresh or near-new set of wipers can sell for a pretty decent amount. Secondhand wipers in working order are preferable to overpriced, store-bought wipers, so take advantage of the state of your unwanted wipers by reselling to someone who can use them.

5. Hubcaps – Like name-brand sneakers and collector’s edition anything, hubcaps are a commodity that can sometimes offer more money upon resale than you paid for them initially. That’s because specialty car part enthusiasts value hard-to-get or highly sought after accessories like hubcaps. So if you’ve got them and they look sleek, you can potentially earn big bucks for your caps.

If you’ve got any of the aforementioned items and are looking to get them off your hands, call All Cars for Cash. We will be happy to buy your unwanted parts for you and provide you with instant cash in return. Contact us today for more info!