Finding the cash value of your old car can be tough – what exactly makes a fair price?  How do you know if you’re even getting a fair price?  When it comes to determining value, especially with older cars, there are a lot of factors that come into play.  The value is never fixed – the value varies from place to place, car to car, condition to condition.  Things like age, cleanliness, condition, drivability, and demand are just a few of the factors that impact the value of your old car.

That’s where we come in.  At All Cars For Cash, you know you’re getting a fair price for your old or unwanted vehicle. We do extensive research in the industry to make sure you’re getting top-value for your vehicle.  Here’s what you should know about estimating the cash value of your old car and why it’s important to you.

Why would you want to know cash value?

The cash value is how much the car is actually worth at the time of the assessment – the tricky part is that the value can change depending on when you get the assessment.  You’ll want to know the real-time cash value of your car if you’re thinking of selling it outright to us or anyone else.

That way, you know whether or not you’re getting a fair price.  Even if you’re not ready to sell it, it’s a good idea to get a cash value estimate so you know what the current value is and what to expect if you wait – unless it’s a collector’s item, the value is going to go down with time.

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The Factors of Cash Value

Like we mentioned previously, there are quite a lot of factors that go into valuing your car.  Here are just a few of the factors that make the most impact on your car’s value:

  1. The age of the vehicle – new vehicles lose as much as 30% of their value as soon as they’re driven off the lot!  If a new car is losing that much value in a single day, you know that the older your car is, the less valuable it becomes.  Age is one of the biggest factors when determining the value of your vehicle.

  2. Condition – the second biggest factor in the value of your car is the car’s condition.  Do you regularly maintain your car to make sure it’s in top shape?  Or has it been a while since your last service repair? Regular maintenance can make all the difference when it comes time to scrap your car for cash.

  3. The model – different models fetch different prices.  Whether the car is being used for parts and repairs or if someone is buying the car to use for themselves, the make and model of the car is what sets the foundation for the car’s value.  Some car models are simply worth more money than others.

  4. Accidents – keeping your car accident-free is a sure way to increase the value of your car.  Even one accident can drastically reduce the value of your vehicle, especially if you’re selling it for someone else to drive.

At All Cars For Cash, we pride ourselves with providing the best offers for your vehicle – you know you’re getting a fair price when you sell to us.  Whether you’re looking for an upgrade or your car simply isn’t driveable, we’ll take it off your hands and provide you top-dollar for your unwanted vehicle.

We also take it off your hands for free!  For more information on what we can do for you, contact us for a free quote today!