Small cars are fantastic to drive.  These lighter vehicles are fuel-efficient and they offer a remarkably smooth ride. 

Modern small cars are also packed with advanced technology to enhance your road safety and that makes it much more comfortable to take on long journeys.  

It absolutely makes sense to sell your old and out of date car so you can upgrade to something better.  You might think that you are saving money by clinging to an old car, but in the long run, a new and more fuel-efficient vehicle can be much more affordable.  

If you are tired of constant breakdowns, costly repairs, and feeling self-conscious whenever you are driving to a get-together or event then it is time for you to upgrade to one of these top small cars for 2020.

The Mazda 3

This is one of the best small or compact cars to buy right now.  This car is incredibly stylish, it offers sporty handling and it has a refined engine.  The 2020 Mazda 3 is fuel efficient, you can get it in FWD and the car offers superb handling on the road.  If the 2020 is a bit too pricey for you, then you can also pick up a used mazda3 in older models.  This vehicle has been popular since 2007 which means you are bound to find a good quality used car at a very good price.

The Volkswagen GTI

This is another popular compact car to buy right now.  It is considered as one of the top sports cars because it is stylish and offers an enjoyable ride.  The car has a spacious interior, offers lots of cargo room and the 2020 edition has new safety features.  This little 5 seater car is also fuel-efficient and it is a perfect pick for individuals or small families.

The Kia Forte

The Kia Forte also has a very snazzy look.  It offers lots of standard features, it is comfortable to sit in and the car is very fuel-efficient. 

This 5 seater car is a perfect pick for small families looking for something sporty.  It is relatively affordable but if you find a brand new 2020 Kia Forte too pricey then you can also get a used Kia at a more affordable price. 

These cars have been popular since 2010 and they offer a fairly good resale value.

The Hyundai Veloster

This little 2 door car might be small but it sure does make an impression.  The Hyundai Veloster looks very sharp and sporty with its aerodynamic design.  The 4 seater car is fun to drive, it does offer surprisingly large cargo room and the front seats are well-bolstered.  It can fit into the tiniest of parking spots and is a perfect pick for those who travel frequently.

The 2020 Mini Cooper

Mini’s have always been popular and the 2020 Mini Cooper is no different. These tiny cars are a bit pricey compared to other small cars but it will definitely give you a boost in confidence whenever you take it out for a drive.  This tiny 2-door car can accommodate 4 – 5 people and it is a true blessing to drive in bustling cities.

The 2020 Nissan Leaf

If you need a small but nippy car that offers good handling then this is a great little car to consider.  The little car is swift to accelerate; it is fuel-efficient and offers a sporty exterior. Unfortunately, the interior isn’t all that breathtaking but it does have lots of room and can seat up to 5 people.  

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