A car accident can make you question a lot of things in your life and makes you think twice about everything you do. You may even think twice about selling your car wreck or about selling to car wreckers like All Cash for Cars.

But fear not. We are here to put your mind to rest and to eliminate any fears you may have with regards to selling your old wreck of a car to car wreckers.

You Will Get Your Money

One of the biggest fears you may have as a seller is to sell your car, hand it over to someone and to never see your money. This happens all too often when you sell out of hand. People make promises they cannot keep and you end up empty-handed when they just don’t pay up. Car wreckers are nothing like that. We are a fully accredited and registered business and we strive to maintain a positive and respected reputation. When you sell your car to us you will get paid for your old car and will get the full amount that was agreed upon.

You Will Get a Fair Price

Another big fear you may have about selling to car wreckers is that you might not get a fair price for your car now that it is wrecked. We value car wrecks because the steel and various parts are still valuable to us in recycling methods. We will give you a fair price for your car depending on the condition of the vehicle.

Your Car Won’t End Up Polluting the Environment

Are you afraid that we might just strip out things we need and leave the rest of the materials to pollute landfills? Well, you can take a deep breath because All Cars for Cash cares deeply for the environment. We recycle as much of your car that is possible and even reuse toxic liquids like battery acid and oil. If something is truly unrecyclable we send it to proper waste disposal industries where these items are disposed of in the most environmentally friendly methods possible.

You Will Get Your Car Sold No Matter How Damaged It Is

We have a use for every piece of your car and will certainly accept your car no matter how badly dented and damaged it is. We are happy to take it off your hands even if it is just a pile of metal because every piece of metal is handy for creating scrap metal that can be recycled into new products.

We Will Take Your Car No Matter What Type Or Brand Vehicle It Might Be

Worried that we won’t accept your bizarre car brand or a vehicle that has been custom rebuilt? Don’t because we take all the cars of any brand and any condition. Even if your car is completely unique in its kind or a rare brand we will be happy to take it off your hands and will find some use for it or the metal it is made of.

You Don’t Have To Pay For Car Removal

You don’t have to worry about paying expensive car removal or towing services. We will come to your property, load your wreck onto a trailer and will remove it from your property free of charge.

Are you feeling a bit better about using car wreckers for selling your old car?  Then give All Cars for Cash a call now and we can be there at your home before dusk to pick up your old car.