Car accidents are just the worst whether it is a small accident or a catastrophic incident. They always involve a lot of paperwork, blaming and expenses. A car is usually considered wrecked, totalled or written off when the cost of getting it fixed exceeds the value of the car. In most cases, your insurance company can determine whether your vehicle is a total loss or not.

 your vehicle usually is much more complicated than getting a damaged car repaired. There are more steps involved and you do need to take the right steps in order to speed up the processes so you can move on quicker. Here are the right steps to take after wrecking your car

Step 1 – Check for Injuries

The first step is always to check yourself and your passengers for injuries so you can get the needed medical care to those who need it.

Step 2 – Get to Safety

Safety always comes first when you are in an accident or at the scene of an accident. If your car or passengers are at hazard in your current position then it is best to move to safety ASAP.

Step 3 – Call the Police

It is important to call the police in case of any type of accident. Responding officers will take a report of the accident and will gather documentation. If a police officer is unavailable then you can also go to the station to get the accident reported.

Step 4 – Exchange Information

Gather contact information with passengers, drivers or other people that might be involved in the accident. If your collision is with another driver then you should gather their contact details, insurance company, driver’s license and plate number, vehicle information and document the location of the accident.

Step 5 – Document the Accident

It is important to collect as much information from the accident as possible. Document information such as police officer identities, a copy of the accident report, take pictures, take down names and addresses of patients and other drivers involved and talk to witnesses to see if you can collect information from them as well.

Step 6 – Notify Your Insurance Company

While you are waiting at the scene of the accident you might as well get your insurance claim started. Call your insurance company and find out what you need and what to expect from the process.

Step 7 – Get Your Vehicle Removed

If you are not going to make use of tow-in services then you should find help to get your vehicle removed from the public roads.

Step 8 – Sell Your Wrecked Car

When all is said and done and if your car has been declared totalled then you should sell the wreck to All Cars for Cash as soon as you can. Our auto wreckers are always interested in your car no matter how extensive the damage might be. We buy any type of vehicle, any brand, and any year model and will pay you good value for your old wreck.

Our car wreckers will remove the car from your home for you, free of charge, and pay you the full amount upon removal. You can use this money to do what you like and to cover some of the accident expenses such as medical examinations, medical fees, tow in services and much more.

All Cars for Cash is part of the auto recycling industry and we get your old vehicle scraped into recyclables. No part of your old wreck will end up on landfills where it can pollute the environment. New products will eventually be manufactured from your car so at least some good will come from your terrible accident. For more information about our services or an estimate of what we pay for cars, contact our team today.