Decided to sell your car? It is always good to move on to something bigger, better and more modern, especially if your old car has been giving you lots of trouble lately.

Most people that own old cars try to sell out of hand thinking that it will be easy and quick but the reality is often very far from the experience you envisioned when you decided to sell. If you don’t want to be caught blindsided by all the drawbacks of selling your old car then you should have a look at just how different expectations are from reality when you are trying to move forward in life.

Expectation: Advertising online is going to be easy


Advertising on social media and on different car sales platforms isn’t as easy as you think. First, you will need to take a few good photos of your car. Now you need to upload these to your social media site as well as other car sites and marketplaces where you could reach buyers. You will quickly find out exactly why so many businesses hire social media managers for these types of tasks. It takes a long time and is quite an effort to share, upload and advertise online. And when you have everything out there you still need to reply to all the questions people might have for your old car – if you get any engagement at all.

Expectation: Selling your old car will be nice and quick


It isn’t always that easy to find the right buyer, especially if your car is in poor condition or have been damaged. Many sellers can advertise for weeks on hand without any luck and end up dropping their prices well beyond the value they initially had in mind.

Expectation: It is going to be quick money


Out of hand car sales deals don’t always end well. Many potential buyers will be interested but will drop you at the end saying that there just isn’t money to take the car anymore. You may also be contacted by other buyers who want to pay you off on a monthly basis. And then there are those who buy from you, promising you the moon and stars, and in the end, they never end up paying. You can also count on one thing; everyone will try to bargain for a cheaper price.

Expectation: You will get plenty of interested buyers


If you are selling an old and damaged or wrecked car then the chances of getting interested buyers are pretty slim. In our modern times, it often costs more to get an old car fully repaired and restored than it does to buy a new car off the floor. The chances of getting buyers, to begin with, could be tough depending on the condition of your old car.

Expectation: Buyers will come and collect your old car from you


Your buyer might not be willing or might not have the means to collect your old car from your property and you might have to end up towing it for them.

Expectation: Paperwork is going to be easy and quick


Paperwork isn’t always that easy. For newer vehicle models, vehicle transfers are pretty fast but as time goes by, paperwork becomes tougher to handle. The car you are trying to sell might not have papers anymore and if your car license is behind you will be required to pay it off before you will be able to transfer ownership of the vehicle.


When you look at these realities, it becomes clear that selling your old car probably won’t be as easy as you thought it would be. The good news is that there is one way for you to get your old car sold quickly, get money in your account fast and to get your old car removed from your property free of charge and that is by selling your old car to Cash for Cars Melbourne.

Give us a call right now to sell your old car and we can be there within just a few hours with your money and with free car removal services.