It is incredible to see what modern mechanics are able to do with older vehicles. If you have the right type of mechanic then there is virtually no vehicle problem your mechanic won’t be able to fix. We see amazing vehicle conversions driving about our streets just about every other day.

These modern conversions and vehicle fixes can inspire you to keep your old car. After all, if your car is taken care off and if the repair is done correctly then you should be able to get quite a few years of use from your old car. Before you decide to keep and renovate that old rust bucket there are a few consequences you should be aware of.

Repair Costs of Old Car VS Monthly Payment on A New Car

Driving an old car that is fully paid off is quite affordable compared to the down payment of a new car. But this only counts if your car is fully repaired or renovated. Damaged vehicles are quite expensive to repair and if your old car still needs to undergo quite a few repairs such as a paint job, needs a new gearbox and engine or require tyres then you can count on much higher expenses than a monthly repayment would have been on a new car. In fact, most insurance companies prefer to scrap vehicles after an accident simply because mechanical repairs can be so expensive.

Constant Breakdowns Will Be Part of Life

You can hire the Superman of all mechanics to fix your car and will still have to do constant repairs once the renovation project is complete. Older cars just don’t run like new ones and mechanics often have to do with old parts in order to get a scarce vehicle up and running. There is always wear and tear that results in constant errors and breakdowns.

You Will Pay More For Fuel

Your old car might be cheaper to buy but will certainly be more expensive to drive. Modern vehicles are much more fuel efficient and older vehicles are quite thirsty when it comes to oil usage. If you are planning on travelling long distances then count on more expensive travel costs.

Lower Resale Value

Every year you keep your old car, the value will depreciate. Time, wear and tear and popularity decreases as your vehicle get older and you certainly won’t get nearly as much for your old car a few years on as you will right now.

You Will Always Feel Left Out

There are some pretty desirable older vehicles out there. Those old Volkswagen Beetles, Mini Coopers, and Morris Minor cars are still just as cute today as they were many years ago. And we are not even going to mention the spunk of driving a sporty old car such as a 1970’s Ford Mustang. But all in all, most older vehicles are an embarrassment to drive and you will feel like the odd one out amongst your friends.

You Won’t Be Able To Keep Up

The newer vehicle offers much better performance whether you are driving in town or taking on the long road. Count on the fact that you won’t be able to keep up with others on busy roads or when taking on adventure drives.

Still sure that keeping your old car is a good idea? If you changed your mind then you are most welcome to give All Cars for Cash a call. We are happy to take your old car off your hands at any time and even offer free car removal services. With us, you can sell your old car and get instant money so you can move on to a better and more beautiful car.