Is your car a classic or is it just plain old? It is important to know the difference between classic cars and old cars because it can have a huge impact on your ability to get it sold as well as the price you get for your car. Many car collectors and those with a passion for restoring old cars are willing to pay quite a fair price for classic cars. We see it every day. Some old cars get sold for next to nothing while others are sold at prices that compete with modern vehicle prices.

So how do you know if you have a classic or a piece of scrap metal on your hands? Take the following things into account and you’ll be able work it out easily.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 9.55.48 AMSentiment Can Affect Your Judgement

It is only natural to feel sentimental towards some cars. Perhaps it is the very first car you ever owned or drove, perhaps you got it from your grandfather. Sentimental feelings towards your car are sweet but it can affect your judgement because other people just don’t harbour those same feelings towards your car. People buy old cars because they need them or find them beautiful where you might keep it just for the sake of memories. That old rust bucket in your backyard might be much more valuable to you than anyone else in Melbourne. A good way to see if you are too sentimental towards your car is by checking out sales prices of similar cars in and around Australia.

Your Car’s Manufacturing Date Has an Effect

If your car is at least 25 years old then it could be considered a classic. Insurance companies mostly gather that cars between 1900 and 1980 are antique or classic and cars older than the 1980’s are usually considered as a collectors car. But you can safely say that anything that dates before the 1948’s can be considered classic because they are so rare.

Modified Or Still In Original Condition?

Most modified cars are not considered classic anymore. There are a few exceptions where people took old cars and renovated them into street rods or luxury vehicles and where these cars still fetch a fair price. But if your car has had some major work done then it probably won’t fit the classic category anymore.

The Brand of Your Car Matters

Certain brands stay classic no matter how much time goes by. Cars like Alfa Romeo, Jaguar, Ford Mustang, Rolls Royce, Impala, Mini Cooper, and many older Holden brands are all popular and incredibly sought after by collectors.

The Type of Car You Have

Sporty vehicles are usually more preferable than family vehicles when it comes to collectors and dealers. The right classic sporty look doesn’t seem to ever go out of fashion where those boxed family cars are probably the least sought after vehicles on the market today. There are however a few acceptations such as with the Volkswagen Beetle and vintage Volkswagen Minibuses that are still sold at rather remarkable prices to this very day.

Don’t Have A Classic On Your Hands? We Will Take It

Do you still consider that old car in your backyard a classic? Is it worth restoring? If not then you are more than welcome to give All Cars for Cash Melbourne a call. We will come to your location in Melbourne and will remove the old car for you free of charge. We will also pay you a fair amount of money for your old car and can get it removed whether it is in running condition or completely broken down.