Are you nervous about selling your old car? Well, there really is no need for you to be because at All Cars for Cash we make everything simple, quick and easy.

One of the best reasons to sell your old car to our company is that everything we do is completely transparent. We will tell you exactly what you will experience from the moment you give us a call.

It All Starts With The Call

The first thing you should do is to give our company a call. Our friendly All Cars For Cash staff are always happy to talk cars and provide you with the right guidance. Give us more information about your old car so we can provide you with an instant offer over the phone. With our superb company, you never have to wait for a long while to find out exactly what your old car is worth.

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Get an Online Quote

You can also request an online quote directly from our website. Simply fill out our online form and our agents will get back to you within just a short while for negotiations.

Yes, We Will Take It

Worrying that we might not be interested in your old car? Don’t because we accept all cars of all brands in any condition. We will take your old car whether it is still running and in good condition, broken down and even if it is a complete wreck.

Accept Our Offer

If you accept our offer then we can proceed with arrangements. Our car agents will find out exactly where your car is located, enquire as to what is needed to get the car picked up, and arrange a time and date for the pickup that suits you best.

Free Car Pick Up Anywhere In Melbourne

We will then set out to pick up your old car completely free anywhere around Melbourne. Our free car removal services are one of the best reasons to sell your car to All Cars for Cash. You don’t have to get your car fixed up and running or add new tyres to your old car to get it sold. We buy it as is and will be there to pick it up completely free whether it is in running condition, broken down and even if it doesn’t have any wheels at all.

You Don’t Have To Wait To Get Your Car Picked Up

When you sell your car, you don’t have to wait for a long while to get the car removed. We will be there swiftly to take it off your hands and we can arrange a pickup at a time that suits you.

Receive Your Money upon Pickup

You will be paid the full amount for your old car upon pickup. You never have to wait for your money and you don’t have to wait for a down payment when you sell to our company.

Enjoy Your Money

When your car is sold, you get to enjoy your money and use it any way you please whether it is as a deposit on a new car or simply for some holiday spending money.

Your Car Will Be Taken Care of the Eco-Friendly Way

At All Cars for Cash, we are passionate about the environment and that is exactly why we use the most eco-friendly processes when it comes to dealing with old vehicles. Any reusable spare parts will be stripped out of your car for repurposing and any parts that are no longer serviceable will be fully recycled.

So there you have it, this is exactly what will happen when you sell your car to our company. You will receive your money as well as terrific service and free car removal and your car will enjoy an eco-friendly repurposing process.